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    23 experiments – This year’s experiments all together

    Link below to all experiments in this video. Thanks for this year! Happy new year to you all! Follow me on Tik Tok and Firework if you want to see my short clips also. Link for that in the end of description.

    Lava lamp https://youtu.be/YawTMbitGfM

    Styrofoam https://youtu.be/GvCCxFAPVro

    Invisible glass https://youtu.be/VOUtAtLj7yM

    Cartesian diver https://youtu.be/nUs_SfPgqNg

    Coke milk https://youtu.be/RUpDfo-xTUA

    Leidenfrost effect https://youtu.be/-VYnsEbNzTQ

    4 fun experiments https://youtu.be/3BRmAcIx1lM

    Lifting glass https://youtu.be/xfGj7Pbyo8k

    Smoke rings https://youtu.be/LcAxc6E5uSk

    Slow falling magnet https://youtu.be/zhORPOwVs9w

    Hydrophobic sand https://youtu.be/N4LSrsPteOg

    Ferrofluid https://youtu.be/NzY9FHzePAc

    Trick with waterbottle https://youtu.be/bfTjvgJ07pk

    Strong bubbles https://youtu.be/SiNp4eEV9WQ

    Gallium https://youtu.be/2aSLgl533Jw

    Nitinol https://youtu.be/75zcsmSM5-Y

    Sweets https://youtu.be/AHC22RkHwZg

    Alarm clock in vacuum https://youtu.be/Plx9Djbpqpk

    Disaapering inc https://youtu.be/Co5ymeTcWMs

    Santa in vacuum https://youtu.be/KsI_HI9oDDE

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  • Experiments

    Strong bubbles that does not burst as easy and can be bounced – Experiment

    Adding Glycerol/Glycerin in the soapbubbles makes them stronger. Glycerol (also called glycerin) can be bout in pharmacy shops. You also need a soft glove to be able to touch the bubbles and bounce the bubbles in your hand. Might need to be cleaned/wiped between the times.
    For the bubble in a bubble experiment the mixture are just poured on a plate and blow with a straw and you can see how many bubbles you manage to do. Plates shape might affect the result (most probably why I just manage to make one bubble in the bubble) 🙂
    Good luck!